Your location with a view of the Alps and Lake Zurich

Situated directly by the water, nature holds an incomparable panoramic view in store. Our various banquet rooms offer you a stylish stage for all kinds of events between 10 and 800 people. Most of our rooms can be dimmed and equipped with additional technology.

We strive to give you our constant best, to ensure your next event to be a success. Our ultimate goal is to satisfy you and your guests in all aspects.

Lake Side is easily accessible by public transport (Tram, Bus, S-Bahn, Boat) as well as by car. Right in front of the Lake Side Restaurant is a large parking lot, which can be reserved exclusively for events.


up to 35 people

In our small Lago you can enjoy the magnificent view of Lake Zurich, suitable for private events with up to 35 people. And yet another plus: the room includes its own bar.


up to 40 people

Our gem of a room – in the Fuego, you’ll enjoy as much natural light as if you were sitting outside. The room is ideal for your next birthday party, seminar event or corporate function.


up to 160 people

The restaurant can be rented exclusively. Plenty of space and daylight as well as a Mediterranean and pleasant atmosphere are the big plus points.


up to 25 people

The Tierra is perfect for a breakout session or small seminar with up to 25 people. Ideal for secluding yourself from the outside world and focusing solely on the screen for any projects or presentations.


up to 800 people

On the upper floor you will find the large hall, which can be divided into two smaller halls. Christmas parties, large events, concerts, general meetings and even fashion shows find the perfect location here. The foyer with a spacious balcony directly overlooking the lake can be rented in addition too.


up to 150 people

From up here you can see even more of the mountain chain, almost as far as to Rapperswil. The room itself is particularly well suited for celebrations and aperitifs, as it also includes a bar.